Incident Lifecycle Management : Threat Management - NIST Aligned Process

Incident Lifecycle Management (ILM) refers to the systematic process of handling and managing security incidents within an organization. It involves the entire lifecycle of an incident, from detection and response to resolution and learning. The goal of ILM is to minimize the impact of incidents on the organization's operations, systems, and data, while also improving incident response capabilities.. Threat Management, specifically NIST Aligned Process, refers to the approach of managing threats to an organization's information and technology systems in accordance with the guidelines and best practices outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST provides a comprehensive framework and resources for managing cybersecurity risks and protecting critical infrastructure.


Detection & Analysis

• Analyze logs and information security events
• Identify potential information security incidents.
• Categorize incident

• Validate incident scale and consequence.
• Assign
consequence, seventy and priority ratings.
• Review and confirm ratings
• Endorse ratings.

Declaration & Escalation
• Based on priority, assemble ISIRT and notify appropriate parties and escalate incidents. (e.g. cntical & high pronty crisis and emergency incidents escalated to Country Emergency Manager).



Response & Recovery

Containment, Investigation & Forensics
• Direct ISIRT, develop incident response plan, activate rapid response team if needed, and communicate incident to internal and external stakeholders.
• Perform incident containment, investigation and root cause analysis, forensics and evidence management.

• Eradicate technical vulnerabilities and incident root causes.

• Recover affected information systems and business operations.


Post Incident

Post Incident Activities
• Document lessons
• Close incident.
• Create incident review report.
• Develop and implement IS-IM improvement recommendations.

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