"The good guys need to be right all the time. The bad guys just need to be right once."

From recent Target shops in US being compromised with 40 million shopper's card details, last minute shoppers are well discouraged. So is action after being compromised! Security threats are no longer confined to 'www.',it's gone into ATMs and Card scanners or maybe more we're yet to know! You may not know which server of yours hosts unofficial access. 

A security breach can have devastating consequences for any enterprise—resulting in possible operational disruption, data leakage, reputation damage and regulatory complications. The lack of a unified incident management process, coupled with inexperienced staff, can increase the business impact of such incidents.

So, here's just the whitepaper you need.

Why Download it?

  • Helps reduce risks and exposure to cyber threats
  • Provides access to key resources
  • Enable faster recovery and minimize business impact from incidents
  • Broader view and deeper understanding of incidents
  • Use of intelligence data and analytics
  • Help cut costs



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