CISO Viewpoint: Key advantages of using BYOD Security

Key advantages of using BYOD Security:

■ Extend corporate security policies to mobile devices

  • Device password policy configuration
  • Lock out after failed attempts
  • Disallow previously used passwords

■ Easily disable lost or stolen devices to protect corporate assets

  • Remote Locking
  • Remote Profile remove
  • Remote Wipe out

■ On-device encryption

  • Encryption of PIM data and administrator specified files/folders
  • Full disk encryption

■ Block rogue or non compliant devices from accessing corporate email

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Organizations in the BFSI, Manufacture and any company selling product and having lot of sales staff on field needs such solution.Some of the top technology trends for the above domain are:

  • BYOD – Bring your own device.
  • Company and Personal Container.
  • Risk Assessment of the entire MDM setup and policy.

Key drivers for adoption:

  • Secure communications for external devices.
  • Scalability, Manageability and Integration with existing system.
  • Optimized navigation
  • Mobile Expense Tracking and Management.
  • Self-service portal – where users themselves can manage basic thing like password change, device wipe out etc.

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Compliance, regulations and standards that make the solution mandatory:

There is no such mandatory regulator in INDIA that drives this solution to implement within India but our site India there are. Standard are there and well define to implement this product which include the best Practice of company that deploy BYOD and the product company that implement the Mobile Device Management solution. Essential part is to do Third party Risk Assessment of the solution after 100% implementation  and before going Live.

-by Paresh Makwana, VP - Information Security Officer, DSP BLACKROCK INVESTMENT MANAGERS PVT LTD

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