Key Program Metrics of Network Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is used to protect against sophisticated, highly skilled, well funded and motivated threat actor . The solution uncovers advance threats across Endpoints, Network, Email and Cloud. These solutions are used to detect advanced persistent threats that existing controls are not able to detect or are simply not capable of doing it.
Advance threat protection is not about a single security solution, It is about a combination of security controls, best practices/procedures, security awareness and continuous monitoring. It is more of a program based approach than a single solution.

Although we understand Advance threat protection has a broad scope, here in this category we have focused on tools/solutions those employs both signature based and signature-less methods (Advance Sandboxes, Behavioral analytics, Advance correlation/machine learning, Deception technique etc. ) to detect advance threats by analyzing Web, and Network traffics. Here we call them Network Advanced Threat Protection solution.
However, ATP just cannot be a network solution. To have comprehensive protection against advance threat it is also advisable to look for solution which have the ability to uncover & block and remediate threats for  Email systems , Endpoints, users, applications (Both cloud and on-premise) and data. 

Key Program Metrics:

Mean time to detect an attack :
It is the average time between a successful breach and the time when that breach was detected

# Zero day attacks on your organization per year :
This is the number of zero-day attacks launched on an organization annualy

# Targeted attacks on High value targets (HVT’s) :
It is the number of attacks aimed on the high value targets inside any organization. This can be any type of attack with the potential of severe consequences if successful

# Web objects/files sent to sandboxing for analysis per quarter :
This is the number of suspicious file types and web objects that are sent to sandboxing solution for their analysis quarterly. This metric can help organizations understand the frequency and types of attacks targeted at them.

# Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s) detected per quarter :
It is the number of anomalous indicators detected by SIEM tool in your organization. This number should be as minimum as possible

Mean time to isolate the Infected systems :
It is the mean time to isolate the infected systems after security breach is detected inside your organization

Mean time between breach identifcation and first-response :
It is the average time to respond to any breach once identified

Do let me know if you want us to add or modify above information.

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