Kids Cyber Safety Awareness Program By Kiran Belsekar

Kid’s Cyber-safety Task Force is a part of CISO Platform community initiative to help build a safer world for the younger generation. This Session is aimed at bringing awareness regarding cyber safety among kids. CISOPlatform community member Kiran Belsekar conducted “Cyber Security Awareness Session” for Vibgyor School on 19 November, 2022 on behalf of CISO Platform. Around 50+ students were part of this session. Apart from this Teachers, School authority and parents were also part of this session.



About Speaker

Kiran Belsekar, Senior Vice President, CISO & IT Governance at Aegon Life. A leader who brings insight from both technical and business perspectives in Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Fintech & Insuretech. Has more than 20 years of experience in IT (technical) and IT Management & business knowledge in various industries. Kiran is recognised for his work in Technology & Cybersecurity by prestigious institutions such as DSCI, CSO Forum, ISACA, IT NEXT, 9dot9, IDC, IDG & Core Media etc.



Key Pointers 

  • Mobile phone security
  • Do’s and don’ts in social media
  • Effective Password Policy
  • Privacy Setting
  • Tips of personal data protection
  • Awareness on various cybercrimes
  • Cyber safety pledge



 (Kids Session) Video Recording



Session Highlights

1. Kids should do the following thing when they start exploring the Cyber world:

  • Respect and protect yourself
  • Respect and protect others
  • Respect and protect copyright
  • Respect and protect equipment


2. Understand Cyber World - While using facebook, Instagram, Youtube and others Kids should understand whom to talk or who is strangers or friends


3. Safety in Physical world - Kids should know the space distance in terms of Public, Social, Personal and Intimate space

  • Public space - Stangers
  • Social space - Friends & Relatives
  • Personal space - Parents
  • Intimate space - God


4. Safety Circles, where to reach for help:

  • Parents
  • Teachers


5. Cyber world: Fake Identities / Stangers

  • Never give away - your name, phone number, address, passowrd, school name, Parents name
  • Cyber creeps can become you (Identity theft) Find you 


6. Cyber world Top risks:

  • Predators
  • FIle share abuse
  • Cyber bullies
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Disturbing content


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