Open Source in Security-Critical Environments

As growth and impact of open source in security-critical environments is on the rise, trends in open-source communities are making them more attentive to security issues and best practices. This session will cover best practices for using open-source code in business-critical environments. It will provide practical suggestions, with a focus on DevOps professionals and management.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the security impact of using 80–90% open-source code in modern apps.
2: Learn about best practices for helping make open-source code more secure.
3: Gain actionable info about open-source security applied to edge, network, cloud.

Speaker: Jim Zemlin

Jim Zemlin is Executive Director of the Linux Foundation. In this role, he has helped industries navigate transitions from proprietary software to a world in which almost all infrastructure technology is built collaboratively with open source. Zemlin’s work has helped create industry support for open source software, from the Core Infrastructure Initiative, which supports projects critical to cybersecurity, and Let’s Encrypt to transformative projects such as Hyperledger, the open source blockchain project working to provide distributed trust online. Home to the most influential open source project in history, Linux, and its creator, Linus Torvalds, the Linux Foundation is focused on sustaining the greatest shared resources of our time and protecting them for generations to come.

Detailed Presentation:

(Source: RSA Conference USA 2018)

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