Part2: (USA Panel) Unlocking the Future: Insights from Dan Lohrmann, Danielle Cox, and Michael Gregg on What's Hot for State CISOs in 2023


Welcome to a riveting discussion with cybersecurity maestros Dan Lohrmann, Danielle Cox, and Michael Gregg, who unravel the hottest trends shaping the cyber landscape for State Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in 2023. As we delve into their insights, get ready to chart a course for the future of cybersecurity that aligns with the ever-evolving digital terrain.


Meet the Experts

Dan Lohrmann - Field CISO, Presidio
With a background spanning from the National Security Agency to Michigan Government, Dan brings extensive experience to the table. His journey has been marked by various roles in both state and federal government, providing a unique perspective on the challenges and successes of CISOs.

Danielle Cox - CISO, West Virginia
Danielle's remarkable journey from a legal background to cybersecurity leadership showcases her adaptability and commitment to the field. As the CISO of West Virginia, she oversees the cybersecurity efforts for the state, bridging the gap between the public and private sectors.

Michael Gregg - CISO, North Dakota
Michael's pivot from the private sector to state government was driven by a desire to enhance the efficiency of state operations. He's responsible for safeguarding a broad spectrum of government entities in North Dakota.


Part 1 Recap

Before we delve into the insights, it's worth noting that this article is Part 2 of the conversation. Part 1 revolved around the subject of What's Hot For State CISOs In 2023. If you missed it, you can catch up here -


1. Navigating the Tech Wave: Automation Takes Center Stage
In a world brimming with possibilities, automation emerges as the unsung hero. Michael Gregg, CISO of North Dakota, reveals how automation is key to handling the colossal task of protecting extensive environments. With a whopping 250,000 endpoints to secure, the manual approach becomes impractical. Join us as we explore the pivotal role of automation in fortifying state-level cybersecurity.


2. AI: A Double-Edged Sword
Danielle Cox, CISO of West Virginia, sheds light on the excitement surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity. From empowering automation to enhancing threat hunting capabilities, AI holds immense promise. However, Danielle doesn't shy away from addressing the challenges—misinformation, data privacy concerns, and the delicate balance between innovation and security. Discover how West Virginia is tackling these hurdles head-on.


3. The Tool Dilemma: Balancing Act for CISOs
The toolbox is overflowing, and every vendor claims to have the ultimate solution. But as Dan Lohrmann, Field CISO at Presidio, points out, more isn't always better. With an abundance of tools, CISOs face the challenge of selection and integration. The allure of free trials and approvals masks the hidden cost—time. Join the discussion on finding the delicate equilibrium between innovation, security, and resource optimization.


4. Generative AI and its Implications for State Governments
The advent of Generative AI brings both promise and caution. Danielle Cox delves into West Virginia's exploration of AI technologies, particularly in election information. However, she emphasizes the need to guard against bias and ensure unbiased results for citizens. Join us as we explore the potential and pitfalls of Generative AI in the public sector.


5. State-Level Cybersecurity Plans: West Virginia and North Dakota Perspectives
Both West Virginia and North Dakota have cybersecurity plans, tailored to address the unique challenges of their states. Danielle Cox and Michael Gregg unveil their top priorities, from vulnerability remediation to incident management. Gain insights into their strategic approaches that can inspire your organization's cybersecurity roadmap.


6. Remote Work Realities: Striking the Balance
The global shift towards remote work brings a mix of opportunities and challenges. Michael Gregg advocates for a hybrid model, valuing personal interactions alongside remote efficiency. Meanwhile, Danielle Cox shares West Virginia's predominantly remote setup and its impact on hiring in a competitive job market. Discover how these CISOs are adapting to the changing dynamics of the workplace.


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