Poison Pixels - Combatting Image Steganography in Cybercrime

Image steganography is becoming the attack vector of choice for cyber criminals. This session explains what Stegware is, how it is being used (anti-virus evasion, covert command & control channels, data exfiltration), how it works (redundant data, LSB injection, ordering), why detection strategies will continue to fail to tackle the problem and how transformation can annihilate it.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn why steganography is now the attack vector of choice for cybercriminals.
2: Understand precisely how it renders detection-based cybersecurity ineffective.
3: Discover a ground-breaking approach to destroying the steganography threat.

Speaker: Simon Wiseman

Simon Wiseman is a hands-on Chief Technology Officer with more than a passing interest in cybersecurity. His career in cybersecurity started in 1979 when he joined the UK team working on the Internet at the UK Ministry of Defence’s centre of computer research. At Deep Secure, Wiseman led pioneering work on the use of data transformation to defeat attacks in digital content, taking the company in a new direction, providing unique cyber-defenses delivering Content Threat Removal (CTR) through commercially focused products and services. His current research is looking at the application of the technology in mobile and industrial environments, with a view to providing the Internet of Things with some security before it is too late.

Detailed Presentation:

(Source: RSA Conference USA 2018)

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