Study : Security Breaches In India

This is a study done by Ponemon Institute on 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study in India. This report includes 150 Indian Organisations who have participated in the benchmarking process.

This study examines the costs incurred by 37Indian companies in 12industry sectors after those companies experienced the loss or theft of protected personal data and then had to notify breach victims and/or regulators as required by lawsand business contracts. It is important to note the costs presented in this research are not hypothetical but are from actual data loss incidents. They are based upon cost estimates provided by the individuals we interviewedover a ten-month periodin the companies that are represented in this research

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Why Read This Report ?

  • 7 Global Trends In The Cost Of Data Breach Research

  • Key Findings & Trends from the India Dat Breach Research

  • Learning the Costs, Factors, Root Causes for the data breach (In Depth with graphical representation)

>>Download The Report

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