Antidrone system industries have arised. Due to several, and even classic, vulnerabilities in communication systems now used by drones , anti-drone systems are able to take down those drone by means of well documented attacks.

Drone/antidrone competition has already been set into the scene. This talk provides a new vision about drone protection against anti-drone systems, presenting "The Interceptor Project", a hand-sized nano drone based on single-core tiniest Linux Board: Vocore2.

This Linux board manages a WiFi (side/hidden) bidirectional channel communication that cannot be deauthenticated and it is replay-resistant, keeping all 802.11 hacking capabilities and standard utilities as any other WiFi hacker drone, with only the built-in adapter of the tiny Vocore2. Also, a "just in case", fallback control by SDR is implemented taking advantage of all the goods that SDR radio gives. All embedded into a hand-sized aircraft to make detection and mitigation a real and new pain, with a very low budget: About $70.


David Melendez Cano R&D Embedded Systems Engineer. Albalá Ingenieros S.A.

David Melendez Cano, Spain, works as R&D software engineer for TV Studio manufacturer company, Albalá Ingenieros S.A. in Madrid. He has won several prices in robotic contests and he has been a speaker at Nuit Du Hack, RootedCON, NoConName, Codemotion, HKOSCON, etc. Author of the book "Hacking con Drones" and robot builder. 


Detailed Presentation: 

(Source: DEF CON 26)
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