Ransomware Explained Video Series

Ransomware Explained Video Series

Ransomware is a rising threat to every organization, device, and person connected to the Internet.  All the products, services, and critical infrastructures are at risk of being victimized.  We are all being impacted by this type of cybercrime and it is only the beginning. 

The ransomware menace will get much worse unless we collectively gain a better understanding of the threat and how work collectively to address the problem.

The upcoming Ransomware Explained video series will help shed light on the strategic aspects of this criminal activity and will spur interesting discussions!

In the coming weeks I will be developing the Ransomware Explained video series to cover topics like: 

  • The Increasing Costs and Impacts
  • Understanding the Attackers
  • The 3 Fundamental Ways of Stopping Cyberattacks
  • Ransomware’s Criminal Advantage
  • Adapting Tools and Tactics
  • How Attribution of Ransomware Attacks is Often Flawed
  • Why Ransomware is Targeting Critical Infrastructures
  • …and most importantly, that it is time to Choose a Path -- to Either Protect Ourselves Individually or End Ransomware Collectively

Let me know if there is a specific ransomware topic you are interested in and would like me to cover.


I will post the Ransomware Explained videos on the Cybersecurity Insights channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/CybersecurityInsights) and everyone is free to watch, comment, and discuss the topic. 

We are all stronger when we work together. 

Join me and I look forward to our collaborative discussions.

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