Reevaluating the Work-Life Balance

Reevaluating the Work-Life Balance

My priorities are my family then my Cybersecurity career. However, I recently noticed that for more than a year, I have not taken a day off. I always make time for my children and wife, but I am also doing work, research, consulting, writing articles, producing videos, or speaking at events every day.

I have not set aside time for myself.

Overall, it isn't a bad thing as I am passionate about cybersecurity. I really enjoy the challenges and strive to improve the industry. It is both my career and hobby. But I realized that doing work every day is a little extreme, even for me.

So, it prompted me to make a little change.

After a 15-year hiatus, I decided to get back on 2 wheels. I just picked up my new motorcycle and plan to roll a few miles every week. I have always enjoyed riding and now it's time to restore that aspect to my life. 

I have recognized a behavioral vulnerability and am implementing tools and processes to enhance the overall work/life balance.

I encourage everyone, especially those in cybersecurity, to take inventory and purposely find a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life. Cybersecurity is stressful and can easily burn-out the very best of us. Don’t let it get there.

Find your work-life-balance and make it a reality.

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