What I found interesting in this report, was the numbers on increasing DDOS attacks. Recent DOS & DDOS attacks on EverNote and Feedly have left us thinking. EverNote once got to know how dependent we humans are on them. It was assumed that such traffic attack was meant to be for some grudge, yet the threats are changing. Even though it leaves credentials and sensitive data intact, it creates huge loss of enterprise reputation and customer base. The position must change though.

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Growing Cyber Crime Loss


>>Download the full report for more information

Major Trends-

SQL injection – According to Veracode,

Tweet: 30% of all data breaches are due to SQL injection.... http://ctt.ec/hu937+ @CISOPlatform30% of all data breaches are due to SQL injection. Tweet: 30% of all data breaches are due to SQL injection.... http://ctt.ec/hu937+ @CISOPlatform

This type of attack exploits Web applications that do not properly sanitize user inputs and tricks them into running database code that returns more data than they otherwise would have.

Account-checker – Public-facing Web sites and applications often require users to log in to access parts or all of the application. Because users often use passwords that are easy to guess, or share passwords across multiple accounts,hackers can create scripts that make repeated login attempts in order to deduce the login credentials and compromise an account.


>>Download the full report for more information

Report Contents -

  • The Changing Threat Landscape
  • Common Approaches to Security
  • The Akamai Intelligent Platform
  • Introducing Kona Site Defender
  • Integrating Into The Security Ecosystem
  • Why Akamai

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What are your views on the Rising DDOS attacks and loss due to Cyber Crime ? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or discuss here.

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