The Rise of the Purple Team (RSA Conference 2016)

The Rise of the Purple Team

As attacker tactics, techniques and procedures evolve, so must the defenses and strategy used to defend against them. Traditional red teaming presents an opportunity to find gaps in security, but leaves more valuable information unabsorbed. Results and methodologies used in red team assessments can drive protections in place use by blue teams and a larger program and vice versa.


Robert Wood@robertwood50 ); William Bengtson@waggie2009 ) 

Robert Wood runs the security team at Nuna Health. Coming originally from a consulting background, Wood has experience with threat modeling, red teaming, incident response, static analysis and penetration testing, having been engaged in these capacities across many industries and business types. His background, coupled with a keen interest in cloud security, has enabled Wood to build and execute a strategy and a team at Nuna Health that is aimed at protecting and managing the risk around it’s core assets. Prior to joining Nuna Health, Wood was a Principal Consultant at Cigital where he founded and led the red team assessment practice and worked with strategic clients across the United States in an advisory capacity.

William Bengtson is an information security professional with over eight years of experience in a variety of roles including red teaming, network security, architecture risk analysis lead, software security, exploit development, security architect lead, application developer and certification lead. Bengtson comes to Nuna as the Senior Security Program Manager from Lockheed Martin as a Core Cyber Security Lead, Cigital as a Senior Security Consultant, and Raytheon as a Cyber-Professional having studied anti-tamper, reverse engineering and exploit development (on both standard and non-standard systems). Bengtson has worked in numerous industries providing support and expertise creating a proactive stance on security within the industries.

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(Source: RSA USA 2016, San Francisco)


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