Here is the list of my top 10 blogs on DLP solution, which you should go through if you are in-charge of creating, implementing and managing DLP program in your organisation.


1. A business case for Data loss prevention:

A good small write up giving out some of the tips for building a business case for DLP in terms of some of the immediate benefits that it brings to the organisation, such as data security and compliance obligations.


2. Building a business case for DLP tools:

A comprehensive article and guide to help you build a business case for DLP solution.


3. Positioning DLP for executive buy-in:

A blog from Digital Guardian, one of the leading vendors in DLP market, talks about how to build allies and properly position DLP to decision makers. This Blog is a part of more comprehensive guide ” The definitive guide to DLP”


4. Tips for creating a data Classification policy:

A good data classification policy is perhaps the most important pre-requisites for a successful DLP program in any organisation. This Blog from TechTarget gives out some of the tips for a workable data classification policy.


5. Key considerations in protecting sensitive data leakage using DLP tools:

This article from ISACA highlights 10 key considerations that could help organisations plan, implement, enforce and manage DLP solutions. This article also gives a good overview of DLP solution in general


6. 5 tips to evaluate your readiness before implementing DLP solution:

This Blog from CISO platform lists out the five questions to ask yourself to assess your organisational readiness for implementing DLP solution. You should take care of these 5 things before you go ahead with your DLP project.


7. 7 Strategies for a successful DLP deployment:

This blog from CSOonline lists out a set of strategies to help you see through a successful DLP implementation. Though it’s obvious people often miss out on these.


8. How to evaluate DLP solutions: 6 steps to follow and 10 questions to ask:

Choosing the right DLP solution for your company can be overwhelming; in order to make an educated buying decision, each vendor must be properly evaluated for its strengths and weaknesses.


9. Top 6 reasons why DLP implementations fail:

Another blog from CISO Platform lists out some of the top reasons why a DLP implementation may fail or may not achieve the stated company objectives.


10. An Expert Guide to Securing Sensitive Data: 34 Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Data Security:

Digital guarding has some of the good resources on DLPsolution. This blog elicits insights from some of the data security experts on top mistakes one can make while approaching a data security problem in organisations.

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