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Deception Technology market is rapidly evolving with more & more vendors coming up with their unique offerings. Deception technology basically plants number of decoys which are indistinguishable with the actual servers, endpoints, devices and data. These decoys serves the purpose of low hanging fruit which an attacker targets and hence gives himself away. It is no doubt that deception technology is going to be the next generation of Intrusion detection and response systems and hence it is wise to pay attention to it today.


Here are top 5 vendors to consider when looking for cyber deception solution:


Illusive Networks

Illusive Networks is a cyber security firm headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was founded in  Illusive Network’s “Deceptions everywhere” lays out a deceptive layer over your entire network. The decoys can be data, servers, applications, devices and hosts. The moment the attacker steps onto one of the decoys, he/she is seamlessly transferred to a virtual network separate from enterprise network and investigations and forensics follows.


To Know More:  Visit Illusive Networks’ Deceptions Everywhere Product Page


Attivo Networks

Attivo networks, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Fremont, CA, US, is a deception based threat detection platform. Attivo network “Threat Matrix Platform” checks all the right boxes and is packed of features that a modern day deception technology should have


To Know More:  Visit Threat Matrix Deception Platform Product Page


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Smokescreen’s IllusionBLACK deception platform detects cyber attacks like reconnaissance, spear phishing, lateral movement, stolen credentials and data theft.  IllusionBLACK features rapid out-of-band deployment, no performance impact, enterprise scalability, and minimal false positives, leading to faster breach detection and improved security and incident response team productivity.

To Know More:  Visit Smokescreen’s IllusionBlack Product Page



TrapX is a cyber security company founded in 2010 and headquartered in California, US. TrapX “Deception grid” platform provides deception based advance threat defense solution. TrapX has number of out-of-box use cases for detecting zero-day malware, Ransomware and attcks through compromised accounts.


To Know More:  Visit TrapX’s Deception grid Product Page



Cymmetria, Founded in 2014 and headquartered in California, US, has Deception platform called as “Mazerunner”. Mazerunner intercepts the attacker during the reconnaissance phase and carefully lead them to a monitored deception network where they are analyzed for their tactics, techniques and procedures employed for attacking the enterprise. Mazerunner can be deployed as a virtual appliance and required minimal effort in deployement


To Know More:  Visit Cymmetria’s Mazerunner Product Page



Acalvio provides Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) solutions to detect, engage and respond to malicious activity inside the enterprise networks. Acalvio holds patents in deception and data science and have developed have developed their product “Deception2.0” around that. Acalvio is founded in 2015 and headquartered in California, USA.


To Know More:  Visit Acalvio Deception2.0 Product Page

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