Top 5 Enterprise Security Architecture Measurement Categories

Here is brief Summary of Top 5 Enterprise Security Architecture Measurement Categories. This was earlier presented in SACON (India's only Security Architecture Conference in India)by Arnab Chattopadhyay, VP - Engineering @ Infoworks Inc & Bikash Barai, Co-Founder FireCompass

Architecture Measurement Categories:

1 - Completeness:

  • Do we have all of the components?
  • Do they form an integrated system?

2 - Assurance:

  • Does the system run smoothly?
  • Are we assured that it is properly assembled?
  • Is the system fit-for-purpose?

3 - Compliance:

  • Do we maintain the system?
  • Do we follow the architecture roadmap?
  • Do we comply with the rules?

4 - Performance:

  • Is the system properly tuned?
  • Do the components work together?
  • Do we operate the system correctly?

5 - Justification & Significance:

  • Does the system have business value?

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