Top 5 Talks on Governance, Risk & Compliance from RSA Conference USA 2018

Our editorial team has handpicked the best of the best talks at RSA Conference - one of the largest IT Security Conference in the world. Following is the list of top talks on Governance, Risk & Compliance at RSA Conference USA 2018.

RSA Conference held its event in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center & Marriott Marquis and brought together a record number of 50,000 attendees.Attendees experienced keynotes, peer-to-peer sessions, top notch track sessions, tutorials and seminars. Keynotes, sessions and debates focused on New Attack Technique, Encryption, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things, Cloud Security & Virtualization & many more.

(Source: RSA Conference USA 2018)

1. Creating Order from Chaos: Metrics That Matter

Speakers: James Lugabihl, Marta Palanques

Decision-makers need reliable data in order to understand risk and determine value of investments. With the amount of data available in a multinational company, one would assume that answers would be easy to find. But how does one identify which data is reliable and make it meaningful? This talk will provide best practices and lessons learned on how ADP built an effective security metrics program.

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2. Debunking Myths for Cyber-Insurance

Speaker: Robert Jones, Garin Pace

It’s important to establish the balance sheet for security leadership to measure, monitor and report. Insurance is an important component to protecting the balance sheet. Don’t believe all of the fake news about cyber-insurance. This session will take you from theory to practice. How partnering with the insurance industry provides practical benefits to security leaders if you let it.

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3. Recon for the Defender: You Know Nothing (about Your Assets), Jon Snow

Speakers: Ed Bellis, Jonathan Cran

Understanding what you own is step one in securing your assets. A simple concept that still escapes the grasp of most, and it’s getting harder in a cloud-enabled world. Despite this struggle there’s a plethora of APIs and publicly available data to give you a jumpstart on identifying high-risk assets. This session will share techniques and tools to gather data and identify unknown risks.

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4. Security Automation Simplified via NIST OSCAL: We’re Not in Kansas ...

Speakers: Anil Karmel, David Waltermire

COBIT, ISO/IEC 27001, NIST 800.53, PCI, oh my. The path to compliance is not a yellow brick road. IT professionals face a variety of security standards that they must meet simultaneously. This talk will present the NIST Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) project as a way to standardize control, implementation and assessment information using an open, machine-readable format.

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5. There’s No Such Thing as a Cyber-Risk

Speaker: Evan Wheeler

If you want your information risk program to be taken seriously by the business, you have to do more than just throwing around a few business terms. You need to embrace enterprise risk techniques. See how the engagement changes when you start talking about a product delivery risk instead of a Struts vulnerability. Cyber isn’t your top risk; focusing on the wrong priorities is your top risk.

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