Top 6 Vendors in Secure Web Gateways (SWG) market at RSAC 2017

RSA conference is one of the leading security conference worldwide.  It creates tremendous opportunity for vendors, users and practitioners to innovate, educate and discuss around the current security landscape.


Web Security Gateway Vendors provide solutions to protect web-surfing PCs from infection and enforce company and regulatory policy compliance. These gateways must, at a minimum, include URL filtering, malicious-code detection and filtering, and application controls for popular web-based applications, such as instant messaging (IM) and Skype.


Here are the top 6 Secure Gateway Vendors you should watch out for :



 Zscaler Web Security provides security, visibility and control, going beyond the basics of web content filtering. Delivered in the cloud, Zscaler includes web security integrated with robust network security platform that features advanced threat protection, real-time analytics and forensics.


To Know More: Visit Zscaler Web Security Product Page


Symantec (Blue Coat)

Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway sits between users and their interactions with the Internet to identify malicious payloads and to control sensitive content. It has broad feature-set to authenticate users, filter web traffic, identify cloud application usage, provide data loss prevention, deliver threat prevention, and ensure visibility into encrypted traffic.


To Know More: Visit Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway Product Page


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The Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) combines advanced threat defense, advanced malware protection, application visibility and control, insightful reporting, and secure mobility in a single solution to make up comprehensive web protection solution.


To Know More: Visit Cisco Web Security Appliance Product Page



TRITON AP-WEB stops more advanced, non-signature threats to your data than any other solution. TRITON AP-WEB is built on a unified platform that enables all of our products to work together and provides industry-leading reporting, sandboxing and DLP capabilities.


To Know More: Visit TRITON AP-WEB Product Page


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Intel Security

McAfee Web Gateway delivers web security through an on-premises appliance that can be deployed both as dedicated hardware and a virtual machine. McAfee Web Gateway is part of the McAfee Web Protection solution alongside McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, available together to provide optimal protection for users everywhere.


To Know More: Visit McAfee Web Gateway Product Page


Please suggest the 6th Secure Web Gateway solution of your liking, which you feel has worked for your organization, in the comments below.


For more info on Secure Web Gateways (SWG) market, please visit: Secure Web Gateways (SWG) Market Page

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