Top 7 'Internet of Things' Talks From Black Hat Conference 2018 (USA)

Our editorial team has handpicked some great talks from Black Hat Conference - one of the largest IT Security Conference in the world. 

Black Hat - built by and for the global InfoSec community - returns to Las Vegas for its 21st year providing attendees with the very latest in research, development and trends. This six day event begins with four days of intense technical training for security practitioners of all levels (August 4-7) followed by the two-day main conference featuring Briefings, Business Hall, Arsenal, and more (August 8-9).

(Source: Black Hat Conference USA 2018)

1) Back to the Future: A Radical Insecure Design of KVM on ARM

Speaker: Baibhav Singh, Rahul Kashyap

The KVM Hypervisor is part of the Linux kernel and by default it is enabled on all supported ARM system. In ARM architecture KVM is implemented through split-mode virtualization and runs across different privileged CPU modes. This talk will discuss about the design and a security issue in a way Linux kernel initializes the KVM Hypervisor. An attacker having access to host EL1 can execute code in EL2. This security issue can be exploited by an attacker to install a Hypervisor root kit on ARM system.

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2) Snooping on Cellular Gateways and Their Critical Role in ICS

Speaker: Justin Shattuck

To keep up with the growing demand of always-on and available-anywhere connectivity, the use of cellular, in comparison to its wireless mobile connectivity counterpart in the electromagnetic spectrum, is rapidly expanding. My research in the IoT space led me down the path of discovering a variety of vulnerabilities related to cellular devices manufactured by Sierra Wireless and many others. Proper disclosures have occurred; however, many manufactures have been slow to respond. This led into examining numerous publicly disclosed vulnerabilities that were considered "low-hanging-fruit" against cellular devices and other cellular-based network modems that are often deployed as out of band management interfaces.

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3) Your Voice is My Passport

Speaker: Azeem Aqil, John Seymour

In this talk, We demonstrate, using freely available machine learning models and limited budget, that standard speaker recognition and voice authentication systems are indeed fooled by targeted text-to-speech attacks. We further show a method which reduces data required to perform such an attack, demonstrating that more people are at risk for voice impersonation than previously thought.

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4) Outsmarting the Smart City

Speaker: Daniel Crowley, Jennifer Savage, Mauro Paredes

In this talk, we examine the security of a cross-section of smart city devices currently in use today to reveal how deeply flawed they are and how the implications of these vulnerabilities could have serious consequences. In addition to discussing newly discovered pre-auth attacks against multiple smart city devices from different categories of smart city technology, this presentation will discuss methods for how to figure out what smart city tech a given city is using, the privacy implications of smart cities, the implications of successful attacks on smart city tech, and what the future of smart city tech may hold.

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5) Legal Liability for IOT Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Speaker: IJay Palansky

The presentation will focus on a well-known example: Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek's 2015 Jeep hack. I'm lead counsel in the ongoing federal litigation over the cybersecurity defects Charlie and Chris exposed, and that are shared by 1.4 million Chrysler vehicles. As far as I know, our case is one of the first, and the biggest, that involves claims that consumers should be compensated for inadequate cybersecurity in IoT products.

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6) IoT Malware: Comprehensive Survey, Analysis Framework and Case S...

Speaker: Andrei Costin, Jonas Zaddach

In this talk, We start with mostly manual collection, archival, meta-information extraction and cross-validation of more than 637 unique resources related to IoT malware families. These resources relate to 60 1 IoT malware families, and include 260 resources related to 48 unique vulnerabilities used in the disclosed or detected IoT malware attacks. We then use the extracted information to establish as accurately as possible the timeline of events related to each IoT malware family and relevant vulnerabilities, and to outline important insights and statistics.Finally, to help validate our work as well as to motivate its continuous growth and improvement by the research community, we open-source our datasets and release our IoT malware analysis framework and our IoT malware analysis framework.

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7)Over-the-Air: How we Remotely Compromised the Gateway, BCM, and A...

Speaker: Ling Liu, Sen Nie, Wenkai Zhang , Yuefeng Du

In this presentation, we will explain the inner workings of this technology and showcase the new capability that was developed in the Tesla hacking 2017. Multiple 0-days of different in-vehicle components are included in the new attack chain. We will also present an in-depth analysis of the critical components in the Tesla car, including the Gateway, BCM(Body Control Modules), and the Autopilot ECUs. For instance, we utilized a code-signing bypass vulnerability to compromise the Gateway ECU; we also reversed and then customized the BCM to play the Model X "Holiday Show" Easter Egg for entertainment. Finally, we will talk about a remote attack we carried out to successfully gain an unauthorized user access to the Autopilot ECU on the Tesla car by exploiting one more fascinating vulnerability. To the best of our knowledge, this presentation will be the first to demonstrate hacking into an Autopilot module.

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