Top 7 talks for Analytical Intelligence & Response from RSA Conference USA 2018

Our editorial team has handpicked the best of the best talks at RSA Conference - one of the largest IT Security Conference in the world. Following is the list of top talks on Cloud Security & Virtualization at RSA Conference USA 2018.

RSA Conference held its event in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center & Marriott Marquis and brought together a record number of 50,000 attendees.Attendees experienced keynotes, peer-to-peer sessions, top notch track sessions, tutorials and seminars. Keynotes, sessions and debates focused on New Attack Technique, Encryption, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things, Cloud Security & Virtualization & many more.

(Source: RSA Conference USA 2018)

1. Incident Response in the Cloud

Speaker: David Shackleford

We’ve got more assets in the cloud than ever. Unfortunately, we also have less visibility and control in these environments, as well. Implementing detection and response controls that leverage cloud provider tools and controls, as well as automation strategies and processes, is critical for effective incident detection and response in hybrid cloud environments. 

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2. Insights from NSA’s Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center

Speaker: Dave Hogue

Dave Hogue provided one of the first in-depth perspectives from a “Day in the Life” of NSA’s Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center (NCTOC)—the mission, threat landscape, and offer best principles for CISOs and other network defenders. Mr. Hogue equipped the audience with actionable insights that they can implement into their daily operations.

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3. Playing Games in the Sandbox—Dynamic Analysis and Modern Evasion Ta...

Speaker: Michael Wood

With many organizations using a sandbox to detonate suspicious files, many threats are implementing logic to detect sandbox environments, to alter their behavior and evade detection. This talk will highlight many real-world evasion tactics employed by recent malware, discussing challenges in measuring evasive behaviors and offering insights to improving the effectiveness of the sandbox.

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4. Predicting Exploitability—Forecasts for Vulnerability Management

Speaker: Michael Roytman

Security is overdue for actionable forecasts. Like predicting the weather, similar models should work for vulnerabilities. With some open source data and a clever machine learning model, Kenna Securities can predict which vulnerabilities attackers are likely to write exploits for. Their model has 90 percent accuracy, one the day a vulnerability is released. 

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5. Pulling Our SOCs Up

Speakers: Emma Smith, Andy Talbot

Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, enabling connectivity by providing mobile, fixed and IoT networks to customers around the world. Vodafone is redefining the boundary of the SOC and sees the balance between prevention, detection and response for both Vodafone’s organization and customers as vital. This session will describe the journey from reactive SOC to proactive cyber-defense.

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6. SOC 2030—SOCs Are Broken. Let’s Fix Them

Speaker: Kerry Matre

Is your SOC overwhelmed with alerts and threats? Cyber-adversaries are wielding tools and machine power, while organizations are still trying to scale their cybersecurity with OpEx and poorly planned CapEx spending. In this session, you will learn from a SOC expert about mistakes that have been made in the past, what we can do about it right now and what is in store as we move towards SOC 2030.

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7. Threat Intel and Content Curation Organizing the Path to Successful...

Speakers: Mischel Kwon, Justin Monti

Want to detect threats in your organization? Stop reading every feed and curate your threat intel and content so they actually work for your security architecture. By managing meaningful threat intelligence so the external intel maps to internal threat models and curating your content sensibly, you can create a high-functioning SOC that both detects and defends against cyberattacks.

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