Top Talks From SACON (Security Architecture Conference), 2016 - Key Highlights

SACON is India's 1st & Only Security Architecture Conference. With over 60 participants, this was the first year of SACON and here are a few highlights we wanted to share with you. It was held on 12th July, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore, India.

We had with us Top Security Industry Leaders who helped SACON with great content. For more details visit:

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What We Covered? (Key Highlights)

  • Need for Security Architecture and Key Challenges
  • Security Architecture Models and Views ( TOGAF, Zachman, SABSA etc. )
  • Security Architecture Process and Deliverables
  • CISO Platform Security Strategy Model & Comparison to existing models
  • Threat Modeling and Security Architecture Planning
  • Google's Innovative Approaches - Google's Beyond Corp
  • Benchmarking Your Security Program
  • Building The Threat Model Of An Example Application
  • AppSec Program Creation - An Organisational Situation Solved Using OpenSAMM & BSIMM Controls
  • HandsOn Workshop On Designing Security Architecture For Your Organisation
  • Combination of latest technologies like EDR, SA, AMP and more to build your ATP Security Architecture

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( Note - Speaker presentations represent the views of the individual speakers and not of CISO Platform or their employers )

Photo Album

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