Top talks on Security Research from DEF CON 26

Our editorial team has handpicked the best of the best talks at DEF CON 26 -is one of the world's largest hacker conventions, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following is the list of top talks on Security Research at DEF CON 26.

DEFCON 201826th Def-Con Hacking Conference is among one of the most main event on Computer, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Software, Hacking and Hack topics.

(Source: DEF CON 26)

1. Digital Leviathan: a comprehensive list of Nation-State Big Brother...


  • Eduardo Izycki, Hacker
  • Rodrigo Colli, Hacker

This talk will focus on evidence of Nation-State spying, performing surveillance, and censorship. The aim is to present a systematical approach of data regarding cyber attacks against political targets (NGO/political groups/media outlets/opposition), acquisition and/or use of spywares from private vendors, requested content/metadata from social media/content providers, and blocking of websites/censorship reported by multiple sources.

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2. You’re Just Complaining Because You’re Guilty: A DEF CON Guide to A...


  • Dr. Jeanna N. Matthews, Associate Professor, Clarkson University and Fellow, Data and Society
  • Nathan Adams, Systems Engineer, Forensic Bioinformatic Services
  • Jerome Greco, Digital Forensics Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society

In this talk, we will lay out the map of software in this space from DNA testing to facial recognition to estimating the likelihood that someone will commit a future crime. We will detail the substantial hurdles that prevent oversight and stunning examples of real problems found when hard won third-party review is finally achieved. Finally, we will outline what you as a concerned citizen/hacker can do. Nathan Adams will demo his findings from reviewing NYC's FST source code, which was finally made public by a federal judge after years of the city's lab fighting disclosure or even review.

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