(Webinar) How To Handle Breach Disclosures? Bug Bounty, Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosures and more..

Breaches are at all time high. In this webinar learn the do's and don't of handling breach disclosure. Best practices of how to set up a bounty program . How to respond to responsible disclosures? Do's and Don'ts and learning from the industry.

Key Points To Be Discussed:
-How to build a vulnerability disclosure program?
-What are various types of vulnerability disclosures programs?
-When and when NOT to have a bug bounty program?
-Do's and Don'ts for handling a breach disclosure

Presentation Slides : 

Full Webinar Video :

Watch The Webinar Video (By Section)

(Part 1) : Publicly Available Breach Risk Information

(Part 2) : How To Handle A Breach Disclosure

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