We are hosting CISO Community Webinar on "Zero Trust : Architecture Principles; Threats; Architecture Components; Guidance Documents - NIST, CISA, NSA, DOD"

Join us for "CISO Webinar : Zero Trust From A Practitioner's Perspective (Architecture Principles; Threats; Architecture Components; Guidance Documents - NIST, CISA, NSA, DOD)" with Wayne Tufek (Frequent Speaker at RSA APJ, ISC2, SACON & Renowned Security Architect). In current enterprises, data and resources are distributed across multiple clouds and premises with users needing access anytime anywhere. Thus, data protection needs to be beyond the enterprise environment perimeter. A zero-trust architecture (ZTA) enables secure authorised access to each individual resource, whether located on-premises or in the cloud, for a hybrid workforce and partners based on an organization’s defined access policy. The challenge for security professionals investigating a Zero Trust strategy is looking beyond the buzzwords of vendors and the hype.


Key Learning Points : 

  • History of the zero trust mode
  • Why is it relevant now ? (perimeter is dead, people work from anywhere and data is on endpoints and in the cloud)
  • Zero trust architecture principles and tenets
  • Zero trust threats
  • Zero trust architecture components
  • Policy enforcement point types
  • Cloud deployment models
  • Zero trust guidance documents - NIST, CISA, NSA, DOD


You can join us here: https://info.cisoplatform.com/zero-trust-architecture-principles-threats-architecture-components-guidance-documents-nist-cisa-nsa-dod



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