What are are the Top 5 CISO Frustrations?

I was recently asked an interesting question: What are are the Top 5 CISO frustrations with the cybersecurity industry?

After a few minutes of deep thought and half a cup of coffee later (my 4th big cup of the day), this is what I came up with:

Top 5 CISO Frustrations of the Industry:

  1. Maintaining an understanding of the practical risks and likely threats
  2. Continuous alignment of defenses (technical & behavioral) to the shifts in risks and expectations
  3. Time spent on internal bureaucracy, resource acquisition, inefficient processes and issues deriving from avoidable/short-sighted mistakes
  4. Lack of communication, best-practices, insights, and collaboration across the peers of our industry
  5. Poor industry tools (capabilities, ROI, cross-integration, usability, etc.), flood of FUD from salespeople, and over marketing/hype in the security solutions space

Fellow CISO's, what are your biggest frustrations with our industry?

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