What Will Be The Future of Automation Testing In The Next Few Years?

The future of automation testing is about which companies will be suitable to follow new approaches and apply innovative automation testing tools to meet the changing requirements and give quality software results. Likewise, it's obligatory to flashback that automation testing requires collaboration and communication among all the people involved in the process. Having that in mind, it's pivotal to survey automation testing trends, identify which one works for you and make sure that it'll lead to success. Also, we'd like to mention that low-code automation testing tools are over-and-coming now, but what are they we're going to overview below.

AI-Driven Testing

The use of artificial intelligence in testing simplifies the whole software development lifecycle. AI-powered tools help minimize the tedious and homemade aspects of software development and testing while automating the entire process. Being a fairly new concept in the testing process, AI- grounded tools in automation testing prove to be more material than ever. Then's how an AI-driven automation testing result adds value to your testing process

  • It speeds up the test case creation with the capability to imitate the test case writing style.
  • It allows specialists to produce test cases more effectively and fluently by relating being and applicable factors as well as removing them.
  • It helps dissect the company’s product right and left.
  • It provides lesser test content.
  • It helps help crimes across a variety of testing conditioning.
  • It helps delegate time-consuming and challenging conservation processes to AI.

Still, where do you see the future of testing and how can you gather it? The right answer is to identify your business conditions and conclude with the right automation testing approach If automation testing is the moment’s hot commodity.


The core conception of crowd testing is to harness the power of the crowd. This means that companies have their products tested by real druggies on real bias encyclopedically. You can make your software products more testable as well as ameliorate your time-to-request. still, You can use crowdsourcing to gauge your automated testing capacity but for the fact that the need arises — ahead of a big release or targeting a geographically distributed followership.

Microservices Testing

According to recent statistics, 92 of the repliers reported some success with microservices while 54 described their experience as “ substantially successful ”. Only those under 10 described a “ complete success. ” surely, this testing trend will be the coming big thing in terms of its inflexibility and reusability. Microservices armature allows development brigades to produce a product as a suite of small independent services formed around a particular business sphere. That’s why there's no need for inventors to develop and emplace the whole mound at formerly if any change or update is needed.

When testing, brigades can test each service collectively and its functional pieces, cover the ongoing performance, etc. also, they can incorporate it into a DevOps terrain and drop the threat of fall of the business operations.

Сloud- Based on Testing

When concluding for cloud- a grounded structure, quality assurance masterminds have access to the pool of bias that emulates real-world business and surroundings. This helps them push a code through a variety of automated tests and exclude configurations, deployment issues, etc. In addition to that, they can combine DevOps processes with cloud testing tools and configure them according to the product conditions. Then we've presented some benefits of this type of testing

  • When uniting in the cloud-based terrain, inventors and testers can connect in real-time, work more efficiently and give feedback briskly thanks.
  • In comparison to traditional testing, using a cloud-based allows development and testing brigades to more directly fix bugs and bring software products to request briskly.
  • Cloud scalability allows dev teams to increase or drop IT coffers as demanded to meet changing conditions.
  • It provides a cost-effective model for associations to pay for the coffers they use only.
  • It drives high ROI in terms of great configuration, inflexibility, and scalability offered.


These things mentioned above are very important for automation testing companies. Incorporating these latest things will allow the company to develop flawless products and attain success. 

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