Work From Home Guidelines for Security (COVID19)

I hope all of you are doing well. As you are aware that as response to Coronavirus Crisis many of us had to transition to work from home.  
The bad news is that Work from home poses unique security threats and challenges. Hackers have already started exploiting the current situation. We must be very cautious. The world is in a crisis and we cannot afford to face another crisis in the cyber world.

Work From Home Guidelines for Security:
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is secure. Use WPA. Use a strong and non guessable password.
  • Be Cautious : If you get prompt in the browser that you are being redirected to some other site. Contact our IT Security Team.
  • Always use OTP / Two Factor Authentication for any critical application.
  • Do not use your official laptop to visit risk websites.
  • Ensure anti-virus is in place and fully updated.
  • Do not delay installation of patches. Check all security software is up to date: Privacy tools, add-ons for browsers and other patches need to be checked regularly.
  • Have a back-up strategy and remember to do it: All important files should be backed up regularly. 
  • Do not fall victim to social engineering , Phishing or Vishing attacks. Remember attackers can also use Coronavirus related messaging for social engineering attacks.
  • Lock your screen when not in use.
  • Make sure you are using a secure VPN connection to your work environment.
  • If you face a seare in doubt immediately talk to your IT Security Team 

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