The sessions will explain the Security Market Ecosystem, Problems that CISOs face when trying to purchase a product in that segment, the architecture, business impact & more.



(Keynote) Opening session
(Panel) Infrastructure Security - Latest Technology Trends To Mitigate The Risks
(Fireside chat) The state of security markets and changing buying priorities By - Maria Kussmaul, Founding Partner at AGC Partner
(Panel) CISO Privacy Framework
(Keynote) How To Actually Grow Your SOC? By - Anton Chuvakin, Security Solution Strategy, Google Cloud
(Panel) CISO Guide : Rising Cyber Crime Trends in Banks and Mitigation Framework 
(Panel) CISOs Ransomware Guide
(Fireside chat) How to Present Cyber Security Risk to Senior Leadership Allan Alford - CTO and CISO, Trustmapp
(Keynote) Q3 2021 Changes To The Entire IT Security Industry By - Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst, IT harvest
(Panel) How To Setup A Security Team, Skill Gap, Hiring Tactics & Automation
(Panel) CISO SOC Framework
(Keynote) The Security Challenges Of Protecting Smart Cities By Chuck Brooks, Professor, Georgetown University
(Panel) CISO Third-Party Cyber Risk Framework
Award Felicitation
(Panel) CISO Breach Response Framework
(Panel) CISO DDOS RFP Framework
(Panel) CISO Shadow IT Guide
(Panel) CISO Threat Hunting Framework
(Panel) CISO DevSecOps Guide
(Fireside chat) Continuous Security Validation and Practical Strategies By - Brad La Porte, Ex Gartner Analyst & GTM advisor, Hightide advisors
(Keynote) Iranian Nationwide Terror and Intelligence Operations in Israeli Cyberspace By Omri Segev


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