Cyber Security Maturity Report of Indian Industry (2017)

In Cyber Security Maturity Report of Indian Industry (2017), we’ve researched the current cybersecurity maturity of Indian industry based on the kind of technical security controls they have in place against modern day attacks.

Cyber security is now a persistent business risk, across organizations of all size, large or small. To  secure businesses, you need to have in place a variety of security technologies along with skilled personnel and mature processes.


CyberSecurity Breaches & Impact

There has been a number of data breach and hacking incidents in 2017. Some of the them which has affected the industry in big way are as following:

  • Zomato hacked: Security breach results in 17 million user data stolen Source: ET
  • India based payment processing firms ElectraCard & enStage breached, Visa delists them. Source: TOI
  • Data of about 3.2 million debit cards was lost in what is claimed to the India’s biggest breaches. SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI, YES Bank and Axis were worst hit by the breach of the debit cards. Source: ET


India vs. World

As per, International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) 2017 :

  • India is ranked 23rd out of 164 Nations, with a score of 0.683
  • Singapore & US are ranked 1 & 2 respectively, with a score 0f 0.925 & 0.919 respectively
  • Singapore, Malaysia & Australia are the top three countries in Asia & Pacific Region


Key Findings

Some of the key findings from Cyber Security Maturity Report (2017) published by FireCompass are as following:

  • Large Indian Banks and Telcos are the most mature with average score of  ~60% with Small Banks and Insurance are lagging far behind at ~45%
  • Internal Technology Controls are primarily around prevention, with not sufficient measure implemented around detection & response
  • Indian organizations are primarily compliance driven & reactive, with average security scores  hovering around ~50/ 100
  • Response Capabilities across sectors is very poor, ranging between 25 to 40%
  • Preliminary data on startup shows that the security maturity is abysmally low at around 8%


To Know more, you can download the full report from here


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