Key Metrics Of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise mobility management ( EMM ) is a suite of products which allows you to safely enable the use of mobile devices in your organization. Employees today want to use their personal devices for checking corporate mails and access sensitive documents as and when they need it, be it inside or outside the corporate network. This trend is not only adding to the productivity but also helps organizations cut down spending on IT infrastructure requirements.

EMM suites will help you safely provision/ de-provision mobile devices , Manage & secure access rights to your organization resources , Protects organization sensitive data on mobile devices and much more. You can remotely manage devices and perform actions such as remote lock, remote wipe, remove access rights etc. you can also manage and secure enterprise apps on the mobile devices of users and encrypt sensitive data/mails etc.
Several modules under Enterprise mobility suite are:

  • MDM: Mobile device Management (Device level management using agents)
  • MAM: Mobile application management (App level management through enterprise app store)
  • MCM: Mobile Content Management (Data protection)


# unmanaged devices in the enterprise network :
This is the total number of un-managed devices being used in the enterprise. Un-managed devices poses security risk to any organization, hence, this number should be as minimum as possible

# Shadow IT apps used by employees on mobile devices :
This metric identifies the number of unauthorized apps used on employees enterprise mobile devices

# Policy violations per month :
This is the total number of policy violations per month. This metric indicates the possible false positives/false negatives and help in policy fine-tuning.

Mean time it takes to provision and deprovision mobile devices in an enterprise network :
This metric refers to the mean time it takes to provision/deprovision any mobile devices in the network. EMM solution with centralized management and control this time should be usually in minutes.

Do let me know if you want us to add or modify above information.

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