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In a comprehensive discussion, the importance of diverse expertise and scenario-based planning in cybersecurity tabletop exercises is highlighted. Emphasizing the significance of involving key leadership roles from various sectors, the conversation u

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They offers valuable takeaways for conducting successful cybersecurity crisis drills, emphasizing participant engagement and actionable outcomes.




Here is the verbatim discussion: 
what do I mean by that like they would come in day one
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In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, enterprises face the constant threat of cyberattacks. To fortify their defenses and enhance their preparedness, organizations must conduct regular tabletop exercises for cyber crisis management. Dra

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This blog post discusses conducting successful cybersecurity crisis drills, emphasizing the importance of scenario planning and participation by key stakeholders.





So we're like how do we do that wel
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In this enlightening Fireside Chat, Brad La Porte, a former Gartner Analyst, and Bikash Barai, Co-Founder of FireCompass, delve into the world of Continuous Security Validation and Testing. Their conversation offers valuable insights for Chief Inform

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