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One of the greatest challenges for a cybersecurity leader is to convey the present digital risks upward to the c-suite and Board of Directors. Representing to executive leadership the value of security, which protects the organization’s assets, reput

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The Cybersecurity Vault — Episode 2 — The risks and opportunities of securing data are shifting rapidly for the healthcare industry. Rohit Parchuri who serves as the CISO for Collective Health Security, discuses the rapidly changing challenges in hea

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The Cybersecurity Vault, Episode 1  —  With the growing influx of sharable personal data and the power it holds in the lives of consumers and companies alike, is it possible to create a digital space that exchanges and protects data while still holdi

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Gartner Hype Cycle is the most important analyst document which helps to find out the key trends in our Industry. The acceleration in digital transformation has brought about new threats. In the 2021 Hype Cycle for Security Operations, Gartner analyz

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How To Present Cyber Security Risk To Senior Leadership: Bikash Barai,Co founder CISO Platform & FireCompass & Allan Alford, CISO TrustMap

Today data breaches are almost a daily occurrence and senior leaders and boards of directors want to be assur

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In our recent Fireside chat episode, we had a very well known author and cybersecurity professional, Dan Lohrmann, presently the CSO and Chief  Strategist at Security Mentor Inc, and Bikash Barai, Co-Founder FireCompass discuss a bunch of things on

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    The sessions will explain the Security Market Ecosystem, Problems that CISOs face when trying to purchase a product in that segment, the architecture, business impact & more.

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