How To Present Cyber Security Risk To Senior Leadership: Bikash Barai,Co founder CISO Platform & FireCompass & Allan Alford, CISO TrustMap

Today data breaches are almost a daily occurrence and senior leaders and boards of directors want to be assured that their cybersecurity programs are doing enough to defend their organization. However, the security teams are struggling to quantify risks, measure them and present the risks to leadership teams in a way that clearly communicates the reality of the risk an organization is accepting. 

Allan Alford, CTO, and CISO TrustMapp joined us for a Fireside Chat with Bikash Barai, Co-Founder, CISO Platform, and FireCompass on “ How To Present Cyber Security Risks To Senior Management?” Allan has been a security veteran who has played the role of CISO more than 5 times in his career, the talk starts with some of his experiences of successful board meetings.




Fireside Chat:


Reference link for fireside chat & more details on the topic: https://www.cisoplatform.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-present-cybersecurity-risks-to-the-senior-management

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