Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) Framework For Product Evaluation

Author - Anil Upadhyay, DM - ITGS, ITSD, Gujarat Gas Limited

We have listed a Key Parameter are required for Security Incident and Event Management and The Framework was attached at the end.

Major Parameters To Consider :

  1. Ability to identify non-compliant machines and network activities based on Organisational Policies and Procedures.

  2. Ability to demonstrate compliance and/or due diligence, with respect to ISO 27001 guidelines, Account management, Configuration Management, Authentication, Vulnerability Management

  3. Ability to Identify and respond to Organisational policy violations. Web Policies of explicit material, use of clear text protocols, or Access policies, Organisational Information Security Policy.

  4. Ability to Risk management of threats and exposed vulnerabilities. Identify and respond to attacks against the organization’s information systems from external threats. This includes monitoring for worms, viruses, denial-of-service, and other similar attack vectors.

  5. Ability to identify compute activity trends and raise alarms for potential outbreaks (e.g., from worms)

  6. Ability to identify and notify Intrusions. Isolate actual breaches while recording and suppressing false positives.

  7. Ability to identify Suspicions activity in the network, monitor and record potentially malicious activity and raise alarms on thresholds.

  8. Ability to identify networks being subjected to potential denial of service attacks.

  9. Ability to identify and respond to attacks against the organization’s information systems from internal threats. The focus is to identify activities that could result in theft of intellectual property and/or intelligence.

  10. Ability to record and generate an alarm for data leakage, track and reconstruct insider activities and identify exceptions

  11. Ability to track risk i.e User Activity with early warning indicators.

  12. Ability to

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