Advanced Security Operations Centre (SOC) - Features & Technical Capabilities

This gives a glimpse of Advanced Security Operations Centre (SOC) Features & Technical Capabilities. This document is not explicit, it assumes you have…

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Advanced Security Operations Centre (SOC) Features

  • Threat Assessment & Hunting

    • Knowing threats & adversaries
    • Their tools & methods
    • Critical assets for targets
    • Existing controls & weaknesses
    • Monitoring presence, IOC,Management & Hunting

  • Threat Intelligence

    • Internal threat intelligence
    • External threat intelligence
    • Application of threat intelligence
    • Automated consumption of threat intelligence (automated SIEM rules/runbook)

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  • Situational Awareness

    • Context and enrichment
    • Visibility

  • Security Analytics

    • Behavioral profiling for users & systems
    • Database searches & statistical modeling, reporting & visualization
    • Forensics capability

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Advanced Security Operations Centre (SOC) - Technical Capabilities

  • Data collection capabilities & compliance benefits of log management
  • The correlation, normalization and analysis capabilities of SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management)
  • The network visibility and advanced threat detection of NBAD (Network Behaviour Anomaly Detection) and user behaviour anomaly detection (UBA) by machine learning
  • The ability to reduce breaches and ensure compliance provided by Risk Management
  • The network traffic and application content in sight afforded by Network Forensics
  • The automation of Incident Response by Artificial Intelligence/ Run Books
  • IOC /  VM Management by Threat Intelligence
  • Reporting & Visualization provided by Presentation Layer

SIEM as a platform should be a truly integrated solution built on a common codebase, with a single data management architecture and a single user interface.

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