RSA conference is one of the leading security conference worldwide.  It creates a tremendous opportunity for vendors, users and practitioners to innovate, educate and discuss around the current security landscape.


Threat Intelligence Program is a set of people, process and technology which enables you to proactively Identify, collect, enrich and analyze threat information, strategic and tactical, so that your organization is ever ready to defend and respond to any kind of cyber attacks. Threat intelligence as applied in conventional security is  any information that helps you tune your security defenses, build an effective response program for any contingency and also if required take preemptive measures to neutralize any looming threats.


Here are the top 7 vendors to watch out for in Threat Intelligence market:


FireEye (I-Sight partners)

FireEye iSIGHT® Threat Intelligence is a nation-grade offering that provides tactical, operational and strategic intelligence. It delivers knowledge about adversaries and their motivations, intentions, and methods to help organizations proactively assess and manage the risks that they face, detect and prevent attacks, and build attack context for the alerts that they face.

To Know More: Visit FireEye iSIGHT® Threat Intelligence Product Page



Symantec Deepsight threat intel is a cloud-hosted cyber threat intelligence platform that provides that edge. DeepSight provides you access to technical and adversary intelligence collected by Symantec through its end-points and other security products and aggregated through its big data warehouse.

To Know More: Visit Symantec Deepsight Threat Intel Product Page


LookingGlass (Cyveillance)

LookingGlass delivers comprehensive threat intelligence-driven solutions which includes, a threat intelligence management platform, threat mitigation solutions, and threat intelligence services. LookingGlass enables security teams to prevent, detect, understand, and respond to analyzed, prioritized, relevant threats.

To Know More: Visit LookingGlass Threat Intelligence Solution Page


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The RSA FirstWatch mission provides RSA Security Analytics customers covert tactical and strategic threat intelligence on advanced threats and actors. The team focuses on threats that were previously unknown to the security community including malicious code and content analysis, threat research, ecosystem analysis, and profiling threat actors.

Website link:



Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services has established a proven track record of providing timely, relevant and actionable cyber threat intelligence to the largest organisations in the world. Equally notable is iDefense’s role as the security intelligence provider for Verisign, helping keep .com and .net critical DNS infrastructure secure and 100 per cent available.

Website link:



With CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence, you’ll develop insights into the tools, tactics, and procedures of 70+ adversary groups – allowing you to plan for events in the future, diagnose incidents more efficiently, and monitor changes to your environment to prevent damage from advanced malware and targeted attacks.

To Know More: Visit CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Product Page


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Alienvault Labs Threat Intelligence feeds are available to the AlienVault USM Platform users. AlienVault Labs Threat Intelligence drives the USM platform’s threat assessment capabilities by identifying the latest threats, resulting in the broadest view of threat vectors, attacker techniques, and effective defenses. AlienVault also has Open Threat Intelligence exchange platform for collaboration and sharing of threat intelligence among communities.

To Know More: Visit AlienVault Threat Intelligence Product Page



For more info on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) market, please visit: Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Market Page


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