Top Talks from RSA Conference 2015 - San Francisco

We had a long and nice week at RSA Conference 2015 in San Franciso. Some of you might have missed the event or missed some of the good talks even though you were there. so we have handpicked the best of RSA  just for you.

Important Note:

  • All presentations are courtesy RSA and is presented as-is without any modification
  • Some of the descriptions below are taken from RSA website (
  • You need to Sign in/Sign up to view the detailed presentations. (It's free). You can also access all the presentations on the official website of RSA conference for free.

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Cyber Security Operations Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure elements are mostly major business assets, a sudden emergency without preparation is often not the right way. It can be planned, how is in the slide. Click here to view ppt

Threat Intelligence Is Like Three Day Potty Training

Along with 3 main elements being People, Process & Technology, learn the maturity model and its application. Click here to view ppt

Security Metrics That Your Board Actually Cares About

This is a question to all CISOs/CIOs, here's you answer or at least a base you can build on. Click here to view ppt

Don't Get Left In The Dust How To Evolve From CISO To CIRO

The security world is changing, so are the roles. From CISO to CIRO, the transition and its application find all. Click here to view ppt

Achieving Defendable Architectures Via Threat Driven Methodologies

The threat driven approach is a combination of threat analysis and intelligence, here go through the details. Click here to view ppt

Making Threat Intelligence Actionable with STIX

Find out the ways to implement threat intelligence in practice. Click here to view ppt

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Implementing An Automated Incident Response Architecture

Have you not dreamt of a day when the issues didn't wake you up? It's time for automating the Incident Response! Click here to view ppt

Orchestrating Software Defined Networks To Disrupt The Apt Kill Chain

Trace out the major areas of APT level entry and configure your SDNs to disrupt them. Click here to view ppt

Rapid Threat Modeling Techniques

DFD & STRIDE Techniques-how effective they are? Issues, customization & analysis tools are explained. Click here to view ppt

Westjets Security Architecture Made Simple: We Finally Got It Right

Cracking the Westjets Security Architecture in a simple way. Click here to view ppt

How To Avoid The Top Ten Software Security Flaws

What are the Top 10 Flaws and how you can not make it-all are given as a crisp brief

Click here to view ppt

Tools Of The Hardware Hacking Trade

Firmware to Chip-set, a hacker's mind is unwind while discovering the right tools for hardware hacks

Click here to view ppt

Cryptography Keynote Panel: Shamir, Rivest, Diffie et al

Panel discusses the latest advances in cryptography

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