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The life of a cybersecurity professional is characterized by a constant battle against evolving threats and vulnerabilities. In today's complex and sophisticated landscape, there's no silver bullet solution to fix all our problems. Instead, we mus

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In the realm of IT risk management, tagging applications in a consistent and standardized manner serves as a crucial foundation for effective asset classification. However, this process poses challenges, especially in terms of understanding the va

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In an era marked by Shadow IT, hybrid working models, and rapid digitization, the landscape of cybersecurity is constantly evolving. With countless potential attack surfaces and vulnerabilities, organizations must prioritize understanding the unkn

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As organizations grapple with escalating risks in the digital realm, the imperative for robust risk management has never been more pressing. In this era of increased scrutiny from regulators and stakeholders, businesses are compelled to demonstrat

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In today's interconnected digital landscape, organizations face heightened risks that demand robust risk management strategies. With the proliferation of data breaches and regulatory scrutiny, the role of Chief Risk Officers, Privacy Officers, and

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In both the US and Canada, financial institutions face heightened regulatory demands, with regulators emphasizing the need for standardized cybersecurity practices and enhanced digital resilience. This blog explores the evolving regulatory landsca

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The cybersecurity landscape is marred by challenges, compounded by a severe shortage of skilled professionals. As organizations strive to adhere to higher standards, combat increasing complexity, and defend against relentless cyber threats, the sc

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The cybersecurity landscape is undergoing profound shifts, marked by the recognition that complete protection is unattainable. Instead, the focus has shifted towards detection, response, and remediation, epitomized by the XDR movement. In this blo

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The cybersecurity landscape has undergone fundamental shifts, with attackers targeting organizations of all sizes and deploying continuous, sophisticated tactics. In response, the industry is witnessing a movement towards continuous defense strate

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Cybersecurity isn't a one-time activity but a continuous effort that demands integration into every aspect of system design, build, and deployment. In a landscape rife with complexities and evolving threats, manual approaches are unsustainable. In

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In an era marked by evolving cyber threats and stringent regulatory requirements, financial institutions face a daunting challenge in maintaining robust cybersecurity postures. Amidst talent shortages and escalating complexities, effective risk ma

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We are hosting a CISO community webinar on "exposure management for financial institutions to overcome resource limitations and regulatory reporting"

Join Bikash Barai (co-founder CISOPlatform Community & FireCompass) and Dave Lawy (Co-founder Qun

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    We are thrilled to invite you to the CISO Breakfast at BlackHat 2024. 

    CISOPlatform is a community partner for the event which is co-hosted by Silicon Valley Bank, Stage One, First Rays Venture Partners, Latham & Watkins.


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