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In this enlightening Fireside Chat, Brad La Porte, a former Gartner Analyst, and Bikash Barai, Co-Founder of FireCompass, delve into the world of Continuous Security Validation and Testing. Their conversation offers valuable insights for Chief Inform

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In this Interesting Fireside Chat, in collaboration with FireCompass, two industry experts, Brad La Porte (Ex Gartner Analyst) and Bikash Barai (Co-Founder, FireCompass), bring you insights into the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. They disc

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Welcome to a Interesting Fireside Chat where Brad La Porte, former Gartner Analyst, and Bikash Barai, Co-Founder of FireCompass, delve deep into the world of Continuous Security Validation & Testing. In this discussion, we'll explore how Cybercrime h

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The White House just released an Executive Order intended to lay down some standards intended to manage the risks of Artificial Intelligence. I absolutely like the idea of establishing guardrails to make AI safe, secure, and trustworthy, but I am uns

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In the complex and ambiguous realm of cybersecurity, the power of visualization tools cannot be overstated. When employed judiciously, they serve as invaluable assets, offering crucial data in a readily comprehensible manner. Conversely, when inundat

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CISO Platform Top100 Awards And Conference 2023

At the CISO PLATFORM 100 Awards & Conference 2023, we were fortunate to host "100+ CISOs joining us over 22+ Sessions to share their knowledge with the community and build Task Forces". Attendees experienced Keynotes, Panel discussions and Task Force

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